Why Hard Numbers?

‘You’ve looked like a happier person since you took this job’ — Amy’s mum.

There are a lot of things we’re proud of at this agency. We’re going to get onto those things in a second. (Don’t worry, we’re a PR agency, we’re good at tooting our own horn.)

But first let us tell you about the best one.

It came in late 2020. We were in Amy’s review – who’s *great*, by the way – and we came onto the really important bit. The ‘are you happy working here’ bit. Her reply? 'The other day my mum told me I've looked like a happier person since taking this job'.

Forget the awards. Forget the growth. Forget all the financial stuff. That is the thing we’re most proud of as any agency. That we’ve built a place where people say things like that.

It’s the best accolade we've picked up since we launched. And, unless someone’s mum says something even nicer, it’ll probably be the best one we’ll ever get.

Scroll on down for a few other reasons we think you should work here.

Why apply?

Best new agency

We’ve picked up best new agency awards at the PR Moment Awards, UK Agency Awards and the PRCA Dares.

Learning & development

We invest significantly in our staff, so they can get further, faster. We have regular external training from subject matter experts, we’ll pay for any staff who wants to become CIPR accredited, and all staff at a consultant level or above get the chance to go on Mark Ritson’s Mini MBA.

Leadership opportunities

We’re growing quickly. We’ll be a midsize agency very shortly, based on our current growth. The account execs and account managers we hire today will be the ones running the show in a few years’ time.

StaffSeed programme

We want to help our staff launch agencies of their own. Which is why we launched our StaffSeed programme. Work for us for four years, and pitch us for up to £100k of funding to strike out on your own. More on that here.

Flexible work

We're back to the office two days a week. Because it’s nice to see people, but no one needs a commute five days a week.