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We have started with a blank sheet of paper and embraced the opportunity of a new business to build a team, a technology stack and a set of capabilities to help B2B companies meet the marketing and communications challenges of the 21st Century.

The suite of services we offer our clients are all oriented around driving your business forward, helping you to go beyond what you’d be able to do yourself, and scale to meet your ambitions.

Media relations

We don’t tell stories; we build credibility – We will help raise your profile with key opinion formers, journalists and bloggers that influence your target audience. But our approach will be informed by data, and we’ll measure our effectiveness through impact on SEO, traffic to your site and PR-generated leads.

Community as a Service

We don’t just build your client base; we help you build an engaged community around your products or services. We believe that a key marketing tactic for the successful companies of tomorrow is to build an engaged customer community today. We know how to build customer communities, and we can do this to help take your brand marketing to the next level.

Account Based Marketing

We don’t stop at reputation; we build relationships for your business – We help you identify your ideal customer prospect (ICP) and reach them through a range of different activities designed to build your relationship with them, and move them through the funnel.

Outsourced lead generation

We don’t drive brand awareness; we deliver measurable increase in leads and opportunities to pitch for your business – We can manage lead generation campaigns for your business. And we can reach this leads via any means necessary – whether it’s via email, web, or phone. We’re working on our telepathy service, hoping in launch in 2022…

Paid media management

We don’t make Google and Facebook rich; we aim to do that for you and your business – We run paid media management for clients to generate leads across digital and social channels. We continually review and optimise to drive down the cost per click and total cost of customer acquisition for you.

Content marketing

We don’t create content for content’s sake; we use it to build reach, reputation and relationships for your business – We know what it takes to build a well-oiled, high quality content engine room for your business. We also know what’s needed to promote your content across your paid, earned, owned and shared channels to ensure your prospects see it.

Who we are:

An agency team with an in-house background

The Hard Numbers team has both in-house and agency experience across a range of different disciplines including sales and marketing, PR and media relations, design, creative, search engine optimisation and more besides. We also have a large network of trusted consultants and freelancers to augment our own capabilities and scale to meet your specific challenges. Read more.

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