CLOSED: Communications Associate

3rd July, 2020

The title: Communications Associate

Job type: Full-time, permanent

The job in one line: An entry level role focusing on PR and business development

The agency: Hard Numbers is a comms agency obsessed with sales. (A bit more on that here.) We’re brand new which means every person we hire right now will have the opportunity to shape the future of the agency. We work across a range of marketing channels, primarily media relations, business development, paid media and email marketing.

What will the role involve?

First thing’s first, this is an entry level role, so we don’t expect you to have experience in any of the below. You’ll be working under the direction of some killer comms pros, who’ll guide and support you through every step of the process. As long as you’re hungry to learn, you’ll develop a lot in this role.

As the agency grows, your role will grow too. But initially you’ll be focused on:

  • Pitching media: You’ll be working with 2-3 senior communications consultants to help them pitch stories to media, build press lists, write press releases, liaise with clients and monitor/flag stories of interest.
  • Building relationships with brands: A lot of the projects we run involve engaging brands. (Read this blog post to see how we do that – specifically the bit about steering groups.) As part of this role, you’ll be reaching out to these brands inviting them onto research panels, steering groups and content production projects.  

There’ll be opportunities to learn about other areas like paid media management, email marketing and content marketing.

What are we looking for?

No experience (or degree) necessary: This is an entry level role, but you don’t need to be a graduate to apply. If you’ve got a relevant degree (eg marketing/communications), yes, that’ll count in your favour. But if you’re a school leaver, this job is for you, too.

An insatiable appetite to learn: The critical thing for this role is that you want to learn, and you see working on new areas as a bonus. You’ll be one of the first hires at a new agency, which means you’ll be able to shape the future of the company.

Super organised: You’ll be supported by senior colleagues at every step of the way. But you’ll be given plenty of ownership, too, so we need to trust that when something is left with you, it’s getting done.

Salary: £21-23k

To apply:

Email with the subject line ‘Application for Communications Associate’ with your CV and a short covering email about why you’re interested in the position.

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