CLOSED: freelance creative/senior creative (PR)

3rd July, 2020

The title: Creative/Senior Creative

Job type: Freelance

The job in one line: Take a PR brief and turn around campaign creative that generates coverage.

The agency: Hard Numbers is a comms agency obsessed with sales. (A bit more on that here.) We setup as a B2B tech agency, however we’re getting a lot of consumer tech briefs, so we need a bit of help responding to briefs from new and existing clients.

What do we need from you?

  • Campaign creative: We need someone who can take a brief – sometimes directly from a client, sometimes from a member of the Hard Numbers team – and come up with story ideas that clients and media will love
  • Consumer press: We initially setup as a B2B tech agency, however we’re getting a lot more consumer tech briefs that we anticipated. So, campaign creative needs to be able to generate coverage in national titles.
  • No budget too big or too small: There aren’t many clients signing off six figure budgets right now. But that doesn’t mean we won’t invest in good creative. 
  • Comfortable working solo: As team grows, collaborating with – and even mentoring – Hard Numbers staff will be a key part of this role. For the next couple of months, though, we need someone who can take a brief and run with it.  


  • Day rate is *always* negotiable with freelancers. But in the name of transparency we’re looking at a day rate of £250-400. It’ll be a day or two here and there at first, but as we – and our pipeline – grow, the work available should grow too.


Let’s end with the important bit – you don’t need to have had creative in your job title before.

Sure, if you’ve done this exact role for another agency, that’s going to count in your favour. But if you’re currently working as a freelance account manager/account director or a freelance publicist and you’re used to taking briefs and turning around creative ideas, then this is as much for you as it is for anyone.

To apply:

Email with the subject line ‘Application for freelance creative/senior creative’ with a link to your portfolio/LinkedIn/CV (any will do – we’re not fussy).

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